Monday, November 15, 2010

Sympathy Points - sleep study

Guess who will have Mom and Dad eating out of his hands this week? Or at least for a couple days...

Lucas had his sleep study last night. Ben got him there at 8:00. Lucas was a total trooper. He was excited and brave. Then they sat him down to get him hooked up to all the junk and he freaked out. It almost didn't happen. Ben started attaching himself to the wires to show that it wasn't scary, and they turned on their friend Mr. TV and were able to get him all hooked up. He watched a cartoon and then Iron Chef, which Lucas likes. I guess he fell asleep during Iron Chef because he was so exhausted. He woke up after 10:00 freaking out because he couldn't move. The wires are so short that you can't roll over. He ripped them off his face and called for Mommy, but I wasn't there. Finally they got him to settle down and got everything back on except for the thing in his nose. He woke up a little during the night, but eventually 5:00 came and they woke him up to go home. Ben said he was so happy when he woke up. The guy came in and said, "Ok, I'm going to take all the cords off of you now." And Lucas happily said, "Don't forget this one!" pointing to one on his chest.
I heard the garage door open while it was still the middle of the night to me. Lucas was wide awake and ready for action. We let him watch some movies while Ben went to sleep and I cuddled Lucas on the LoveSac.
I asked him if it was scary and he said it was fun. Silly kid... We're very proud of him.
I'll get the results on the 23rd. Then we'll know the fate of his tonsils and adenoids.

We headed to the children's museum for his reward, but they were closed, so instead we went to Zilker Park. He fell asleep on the way, so I let him sleep for 45 minutes while Evan played with the steering wheel, etc. At the park he had a wonderful time playing with an older kid and his brother. They played firefighters, lifeguards and superheroes. (FYI, according to Lucas, Firefighters are superheroes on the ground, Lifeguards are superheroes in the water, and Superheroes are in the sky). After the park, we headed to the sleep doctor to pick up the pillow the boys forgot. A guy told me Lucas was the first pediatric patient there. His doctor is new to that practice, but specializes in kids. So, they are planning on buying smaller beds, longer wires, etc. They will also bring all the wires to a point at the top of the head instead of the nape of the neck. That way the kid can roll over easier. Too bad they didn't tell the people working on Lucas to do that.
On the way home Evan answered my prayers by falling asleep so I could take Lucas to Sonic for a strawberry shake. He was a happy boy. Love that kid.


The Wife said...

Awwww. So cute and so sad all at the same time.

Sidenote - originally I thought this was something you had found on Craigslist and were getting paid for!

Suzy said...

no, we paid for this one! I think that's been a common misconception, though, with all my cl junk...