Saturday, August 7, 2010

To have a buddy...

This Summer Lucas made a great friend. Bently and Lucas both love trains, cars, firefighters, planes, and all things manly. This was the first little man friend Lucas has had who is actually his age and lived close by! It was amazing to see the difference in the way they would play together versus when Lucas played with girls... These two usually managed to work out their own problems, maybe fight a little, but then move on, with no hard feelings. It was great. Sadly, Bently and his family were just here for an internship and are driving back to Utah this weekend. I don't think Lucas quite understands that Bently isn't just going on vacation.

Hopefully Lucas has learned a little bit about friendship - how fun it is to have a good friend, about making friends, and being a good friend.
Lucas thought it would be fun to give Bently a firefighter helmet just like his, so yesterday when Bently came to say goodbye (and drop off some food - thanks, Nat!) Lucas gave him his hat. They had lots of fun playing firefighters with pool noodles as their hoses. Then there was a sad hug goodbye and some chasing, and they were off... Today Lucas said, "I forgot to tell Bently Thank You for being my best friend!" I told him he could tell him on the computer. Until then...
Bye, Natalie, Shane, Bently and Beckham! We'll miss you. Move back next year!

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