Sunday, August 29, 2010

Birthday Weekend

Four years ago my heart and life were forever changed. For the first time, I was solely responsible for the health and well being of more than a plant. He was much cuter than the cactus we let die the year before. And I think we've done a better job taking care of him, too. He is Lucas.

On Saturday Lucas got to go to the library with Ben, followed by lunch at Chick-fil-A. They go to the library every few weeks and Lucas loves it. While they were gone I worked hard icing cakes and cupcakes. Here is the recipe for Lucas's s'more birthday cake. It was awesome. I filled it with a chocolate/marshmallow ganache, which made it even awesomer. I tinted the frosting blue, so it would be perfect water for our sea animals. It ended up being one of the least attractive cakes I've made, but it was delish! Lucas thought it looked cool, and that's what counts. As for the cupcakes, Lucas wanted strawberry. I only had frozen raspberries at the time, so I opted for that. I Just threw some raspberry puree into a white cake mix, and made uber-yummy raspberry frosting. Done and done.

We met our friends at the pool at 4:00. There was swimming, there was cake, and then there was more swimming. It was perfect. After the party, we went to Freebirds for dinner with the Hollands. As we were munching on our burritos, I remembered that we ate there with my mom the night before Lucas was born - exactly 4 years earlier!

Today Lucas opened some new church clothes my mom sent. He was psyched to look so manly for church today. He was so cute. And he was a good boy, too. He liked it when everyone sang to him for his birthday. He was so cute at the front of the room in his red tie. After church we headed to the biggest potluck I've ever witnessed at the Baldwins. Lucas played the entire time and finally ate some chips and chicken salad when it was over.

(Fancy boys. "Lucas, stand up big and tall!")
When we got home Lucas had the last raspberry cupcake. We sang to him and he blew out the candle. He said he wished for the happiest family. He's so sweet. And no, it's not because right now he has the unhappiest family, he just always wants to be happy.

Then we let him open the rest of his presents. He scored some sweet Vans, a pirate costume, two cool puzzles, a floor puzzle, a homeschool Kindergarten activity book, and a Dr. Seuss book. Thanks awesome family!

The rest of the afternoon and evening was spent in pirate/play/puzzle mode. I made pizza for dinner, we Skyped Ben's parents, and it was off to showerland.

I'm so thankful for our sweet boy. He's such an silly, smart and spunky little goof.

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Dani said...

Ahh, Happy Birthday Lucas! I wish I was there to eat some of that cake and cupcakes...and to celebrate of course! He's such a handsome little guy all grown up in his tie.