Sunday, August 15, 2010

Recent Harmanisms

Ahoy Matey! - Monday night Lucas and Ben started playing Pirates after dinner. They used pieces of train track as their swords and tried their best to use their pirate lingo. There was some serious "swording" going on. The next morning Lucas asked me to play pirates with him after breakfast. He had me tie a rubber exercise band around his head so he would look the part and off he went. I was Pirate Mommy and Lucas was Pirate Lucas, appropriately. He even tried to make me walk the plank. Then he pretended to walk the plank, and once he "landed in the water" he would go off pretending he was Jonah being swallowed by a whale. (We watched a Jonah cartoon a couple weeks ago, so it's on his mind). He would land in the water and say, "I'm ok. I have a floatie." or "Ooh, I just felt something touch my leg. I think it's a whale!"

Tuesday Lucas and I went to meet Ben downtown for lunch, which is one of my favorite midweek activities because it's fun and takes up practically half the day. This time I made little s'more brownie bites for him to share with his coworkers and we brought sandwiches, too. We had a little picnic by the town lake dog park so we could watch the dogs swim after their tennis balls.

Wednesday was full of adventure. We met some friends at a big bounce house up in Cedar Park. It was half price that day so it was packed. We had to put ourselves on the list to get in - like we were going to some club in LA or something. But, it was very nice and new with great toys. The kids had a blast. Afterward I took Lucas for his first trip to a doughnut shop - Krispy Kreme. He wasn't excited by the thought of having a doughnut for a treat, but I think he was pleased once he viewed the merchandise. Thankfully Lucas managed a nap on the way home so that we could go to the Round Rock Express game that night. Ben got free tickets from work and it was fun to go for a bit. Lucas loved playing on the toys there... and the 10 minutes of baseball he watched, too.

Thursday we took a trip to Costco and got the best potato chips ever - Kettles BAKED salt and pepper chips. I swear they're better than regular potato chips. That night after dinner I went upstairs to bathe Evan while Lucas and Ben played soccer in the back yard. After a few minutes I looked outside to see their plans had changed. I saw a naked Lucas running around playing in the hose. He was having the time of his life.

Friday we stayed in the house ALL day. That night I went shopping for Lucas's birthday with Evan. It was totally exciting. Saturday we made pancakes - don't let your kid put on his own syrup when you're not looking.

In other news, Evan loves his jumperoo. He also loves food. He eats sweet potatoes like a champ, and enjoys my homemade peas, carrots, and bananas. He was NOT a fan of chicken baby food. You can't blame him, though. His favorite thing ever is fancy baby yogurt. Probably because he can tell it's so expensive. Evan also got his second tooth this weekend. He's a big man! Oh, and he kind of says, "mama," but mostly in a whiney way... like when he wants me to feed him or something. Mamamamamamama. He's so cute.

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