Sunday, August 8, 2010

Flying High

First off, I put my kid in this outfit today. Ben thinks he looks like a clown... or a gangsta. I think it's cute, though, and I'm the boss.

Second, I'm perfectly fine with spending an afternoon on a blanket in a parking lot as long as my kids are having fun.

I bought a kite a few weeks ago and we finally took Lucas out to use it today. It wasn't very windy, so we thought we might have to do the old, "drive with the kite out the sunroof" routine that we did in college. We found a nice big parking lot, but it turned out to be a great location with a perfect kite-flying breeze.

I plopped our blanket down on the only shade available, which happened to be in a parking space, but it was remarkably clean. Ben got the kite up in the air and we stayed for about an hour. Lucas was done flying the kite after a few minutes... Ben and I had more fun, but Lucas still enjoyed all the free space to roam around. The boys were tired when we got home. Hopefully they'll sleep well tonight.
Watch out... He'll come and get you. He did actually scare some of the birds. I'm pretty sure I saw some coming after him (the same kind of yellow-bellied birds that attack my family in Albuquerque).


Scot said...

He looks like Payne Stewart (google him).

Suzy said...

he totally does in his getup... my dad thinks he looks like Winston Churchill. I like Payne Stewart better :).

Shan said...

I think that's the coolest kite in the world! I want one!