Wednesday, April 7, 2010

AZ Trip

So, way back in February we went to Arizona for our good friend, Elijah's, wedding. We also had Evan's baby blessing while we were there. We didn't take nearly enough pictures and I feel lame for not getting these ones up until now.
Anyhow... there were several highlights of the trip.
1 - We got to see a lot of good friends at Lij's wedding. We only wished we had more time to play. BUT, we got to go to Bahama Bucks with some of them... Lij and Hilaree were busy that night. We also got to go to Bahama Bucks with Ben's childhood BFF and his family. And then again with my parents. We love Bahama Bucks, but that's not the only reason we go to Arizona.

2 - Family! Lucas got to see his Nana and Grandpa Pat and introduce them to Evan. But we also got to see Ben's Uncle Don & Aunt Jan, Great Grandma, and Aunt Susie. PLUS, we hadn't seen Ben's sister, Lee, since Lucas was born, so Lucas got to meet his 6 cousins for the first time. I didn't know how he would react to so many new kids, but it was great. They all got to the house and ran up to him like he was some sort of celebrity. They gave him hugs and had big smiles and it was so sweet. He immediately took to them and shared his bug toys. He loved his cousins and I remember at one point when he was sad he just looked at me and said, "cousins" in a pathetic little voice. We didn't get any great pictures of them playing. Ben was following them around the park with the camera, but I guess he never had a good shot. Here are some pics of them playing after Evan's baby blessing. Sam, Angela, Peter, Benny, Ada, and Andrea, we can't wait to play again!

3 - The Clarks! As in the Clarks-that-used-to-live-5-minutes-away-from-us-here-but-decided-to-move-to-Mesa-so-Tanner-could-get-an-MBA Clarks. Danielle is as hot as ever, running half marathons and such. Tanner is busy with school and looking for a job if anyone in Austin could hire him, please. Addie is still adorable and we got to meet Cooper, too! Lucas and Addie were reunited and got some playing time in. They used to kiss back in the day, but denied accusations of such fraternization. Addie was really nice and shared her little magnetic paper doll toys with all the boys (see above).

4 - Dentist. I got to go see Dr. Snow and he fixed my tooth that I chipped, except by this time it was two teeth. He just sanded them down a little so it wasn't so obvious. I love my dentist and Ben thinks I'm weird, but if you spent that much time with your dentist, you'd love him too.

My only complaint is that we didn't have enough time. It was a quick 4 days full of things to do. We needed more Silvertooth time, so Chris & Amy, come on out and play some time. Or we could just go to Cancun, but this time we'd need to book a family resort...

Thanks for hosting Nancy and Pat. We had a great time and we really appreciate all the hard work you went through. We love you!

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Dani said...

Yes next time could you please stay longer! And we have YET to go to Bahama Bucks. I know, we are lame. I will make it a goal to go next week!