Monday, April 19, 2010

Strawberry Fields Forever

Today we went on an adventure to Sweet Berry Farms with some friends to pick some strawberries. Jeana and I left at 10:00 and got to the farm around 11:00. I fed Evan while she got the kids ready for some pickin', complete with plastic bags over their shoes to protect them from the mass amounts of mud.
While I fed Evan he managed to produce the biggest blow out of his 13 week life. And, yes, I forgot to bring a change of clothes for him. So, like a good mom, I took his clothes off, wrapped him in a blanket and stuck him in the Baby Bjorn. He wasn't happy. I tried to keep him warm, but he got mad whenever I bent over to pick a strawberry, so Lucas picked most of our strawberries. When I put Evan back in the car seat, nice and bundled, he was much happier and even managed a snooze. Lucas even found a little red wagon to pull him along for the ride. (yep - I put a picture of the poop. Sorry.)

Anyhow, back to the farm... They had goats, donkeys and horses. Lucas really liked the animals. All the kids also made note of all the different kinds of animal poop and mentioned it whenever they saw some, which was often.
The baby donkey was my personal fave. I had never seen one before and this little guy took a liking to my fingers:

Before we left the kids all got strawberry ice cream or popsicles. Jeana took care of Lukie again during that portion so I could feed Evan once more. I did manage to get the last spoonful of Lucas's melted ice cream and it was divine.

When we were picking strawberries, I noticed that our box had a lot of strawberry blood in it. I thought Lucas had just pressed a little too hard on some of berries. When I got home and went through them more carefully, I came to the conclusion that he probably picked a lot of them up off the ground and I threw at least a third of them away because they were slimy and gross. Lucas was sad to see them go to waste, but we enjoyed the remaining strawberries in the best spinach salad ever. I'll buy Lukie some more berries at the store to make that strawberry pie he's been waiting for so patiently.

Thanks for a fun day girls. Jeana - I owe you. :)

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