Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Happy 3 Months, Evan!

I can't believe this little angel is three months old! Time sure has flown by and he has grown like the weeds in our front yard.
Here are his two month stats:
weight: 13 lbs 6 oz. (88%)
height: 24 " (90%)
head: 41.4 (78%)

Here are Lucas's just for fun:
weight: 13 lbs 7 oz. (90%)
height: 23" (75)
head: 42 (90%)

It's amazing how similar they are! Maybe Evan will grow up to be bigger than Lucas so he can defend himself sooner. Poor kid - it's amazing how resilient babies are.

Evan is doing great, though. At this two month visit the doc said that since he was over 12 pounds and 2 months, he could start sleeping at night for 9+ hours. Apparently they just wake up out of habit and they can go longer. She gave me a game plan and everything.
This is how you get your baby to stop that middle of the night feeding:
When the baby wakes up, let him cry for two minutes. Go in, do whatever it takes to get him to stop crying and go back to sleep. If you have to feed him after 20 minutes, feel free, at least you got 20 minutes.
If you made it w/o feeding and he went back to sleep, the next night you increase the crying time by two minutes. You do this every night for up to 20 mins of crying - 20 mins is the max.
She said it worked for most people in 5-6 nights.
The first night it took me about 5 minutes to get him to settle down and go back to sleep, but he did. The problem was that I had to keep sticking the binky in his mouth every 15 minutes or so until I fed him at 6:30. I never really let him cry for more than a couple minutes because I didn't want to wake Ben and Lucas up. But, after the first night he always went right back to sleep with the binky - I never even had to pick him up. I just slept on a mattress on the floor in his room so I could put the binky in all the time. It was annoying, but as time passed he eventually went a few times and slept straight until 6:30. Now, he generally wakes up at 3:30, I give him his binky and he's fine until 6:00 or 6:30. BUT, he's also started going to bed at 8:45 instead of 10:00 like before. So, I'm a happy camper. He's also on a more regular nap schedule with an hour in the morning, then a long afternoon nap, and another evening snooze. He sleeps with his hands on his face. So cute.
Evan is a happy giggle machine. He's loves it when I touch his noggin and he gets a big smile. It makes getting dressed exciting because of pulling shirts over his head.
Lucas is adjusting to Evan. Sometimes we have an incident, but he's doing well overall and loves his baby brother. He does, however, hate it when Evan cries, and gets angry. And I shouldn't leave them alone in the same room for too long. Lucas will either stick his fingers in Evan's mouth, try to pick him up, snuggle him a little too hard or something else crazy.
We need to get more pictures of this kid. He's so freakin cute, but we just haven't taken the time to get good shots of him.
Oh, and he's been drooling a lot for a couple days. And today he was cranky. I really really hope he's not teething. Lucas got his first tooth right before he turned 4 months old. This could be bad!

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