Friday, July 25, 2008

See ya later alligators!

My heart broke a little bit this morning at approximately 5:00. That's when Tanner and Danielle pulled out of Austin and headed west, towards Mesa.

We had a good last week with them, though. On Saturday we had little going away party for three families moving. Then Danielle made what Ben proclaimed to be the "best dinner he's had in at least two months" on Sunday, then on Tuesday we all gathered at the Hollands for Clay and Andrea's yummy pizza. You might say I was having trouble letting go...

Lucas and Addie even had a fun week together. Lucas taught Addie how to completely destroy the house and make a huge mess.But, for the first time, they really played together and never once fought. It was perfect. They even got a little smooch in.

(notice how they even closed their eyes)

Last night a bunch of people went to help load the truck - a big truck, I might add... no one can figure out how they fit all that stuff into a little apartment. At about 9:15 we said our goodbyes and I made it all the way out to the parking lot before I stuck my lip out and started to cry! I was very proud of myself.
Girls: Andrea, me, Dani, Megan (w/twin boys), Missy, Baby Eli
Boys: Tanner, Jeff, Clay, Ben, Adam, Greg

Anyhow, we love you guys and we'll miss you so much! Have fun in AZ and go to Bahama Bucks for us. AND, come back to Austin after graduation!

PS - maybe I can buy a new black shirt in Buy Lots of Stuff August...

And, here's a video at the Holland's from this week:


amanda said...

i was just about to say, suzy, nice shirt. probably made for a good going away chuckle?

Suzy said...

It's just because of the flash. It's not always clear :).
Apparently it's a common problem with black shirts. I heard some girls talking about it a couple months ago... But, I still need a new shirt.