Friday, July 11, 2008

The Pill

Lucas has been a little bit of a pill the past few days: not sleeping... going crazy... not sleeping... climbing things... not sleeping... being destructive. Before I think too many negative thoughts about the kid, I need to think about how sweet, smart, and funny he is before I go to bed exhausted and alone. (now you really feel sorry for me, huh?)

We broke out the bubbles the other night to celebrate having Daddy home for once. Lucas had a good time trying to eat them. He really eats a lot of soap - every time we play with bubbles, the wand goes right into his mouth. He also licks soap off his hands when I wash his hands, and he eats it in the bath tub if he can. Gross. Anyhow, here's Bubble Boy:
Lucas has been getting into everything lately. It's driving me a little crazy. He says, "mine, mine, mine..." and dives into the silverware drawer, junk drawer, utensil drawer, or pantry. He has managed to come away unscathed even after reaching for the Cutco knives.
Today I came down the stairs to find him happily playing with the bag of rubberbands from the junk drawer. He likes to sort things, so they were all over the floor. Then he chewed on a couple, but I don't think he ate any.

I'm going to have to start toddler proofing now. He's outgrowing all the babyproofed things because he's so tall! I really don't want to have to put latches on my drawers, but I might have to before I go nuts.
He still loves the fridge of course, and this is our current method of babyproofing there:
I guess the last naughty thing he does is climb. He loves to climb and will climb anything remotely climbable. It's a miracle we haven't had a trip to the emergency room. Yesterday I realized things in the pantry weren't quite right, then I discovered Lucas climbing half-way up "organizing" things for me. Tonight I went into the toy room while I was cooking dinner and discovered him half-way up the book shelf with a bottle of cold medicine in his hands. I had hidden it up there so it would be safe. I think he was after a piggy bank we got for our wedding. I just mentioned to Ben how dangerous the book shelf was a couple months ago... we need to anchor it to the wall OR buy something better in Buy Lots Of Stuff August.

Lastly, here's a video of Lucas practicing his colors with his spoons. He loves these stupid spoons, so I finally gave up keeping them in the drawer. Happy Friday!


Shannon Ryther said...

Suzy and Ben, Lucas is the cutest! i can't believe I still haven't seen him in person. How's Texas treating you all? I wish I saw you more often!

amanda said...

as much as i can't wait for izzy to walk, i also dread it. i ask her all the time if she will give me a break sometime in her babyhood, and she usually smirks at me as if she is already plotting.

is it too hot to go outside? maybe he needs to expel some energy, so you can actually rest. probably easier said than done, but it could be worth a try. maybe have someone take him to a gym to test out some treadmills or run up and down some hills. marathon, maybe?

Suzy said...

It is really hot, but I still take him outside every day. We try to go to the playground or pool each day. And I take him on a walk (where HE walks) before bed most days. He's just fast and crazy and no matter where we are, I have to follow him.

Melissa, Jeremy, & Boston said...

Lucas is a cutie! How tall is he? Boston and him have a lot in common. :)