Saturday, July 12, 2008

Thanks, Lisa!

Aunt Lisa sent Lucas some new wooden toys. Back in April we went to Lisa's office to distract her from her charts and Lucas found a wooden stacking toy in the waiting room. He really liked it, so ever since then, Lisa has been on the search for cool wooden toys. Yesterday, a box containing two wooden toys appeared at the door - one just like Lisa's and the other just like Kate's. Lucas has been really happy playing with them - so much so, that nap time was delayed a whole hour today due to magical wooden stacking fun!
Thanks for being so generous, kind and thoughtful, Lisa! We love you.


Melissa, Jeremy, & Boston said...

How nice! Boston loves new toys as I'm sure Lucas does too.

amanda said...

i love wooden toys. i want to get as many wooden toys for izzy as possible, because i think they are much cooler and more classic-looking. when i was in babies r' us perusing the toy section, i was so overwhelmed by rainbow plastic i wanted to hurl. i asked pete "whatever happened to good ol' whittled contraptions? kids these days."