Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Thomas, Painting, and ACL - a big fat 200th post

Alrighty then, it's time for some updates on this blog.
Lucas has been sick now for about a week and a half. I took him to the doctor last week suspecting H1N1 -- in the back of my head fearing that I would get it, be put on bed rest, steal my mom from the rest of my family, have to deliver early so I wouldn't die, etc. Luckily, Lucas tested negative for flu and strep. Friday night he woke up croupy, but we all managed through the night so that we could go see Thomas the Train Saturday night.
We bought tickets a few weeks ago and if Lucas filled out his chart, Thomas was his reward. Lucas was a trooper and got a star every single day. We drove 1.5 hours to Burnet where the big event was being held. It was a little cold, but it was fun to bundle up.
We had an hour to kill when we got there before our train ride. So, we got to play with toy trains, stamps, a little petting zoo, and a hay maze. Finally at boarding time Ben and Lukie went to get in line and I headed to the HEB right next door. (We weren't about to pay an extra $20 so all three of us could ride). I did some shopping for Sunday dinner AND managed to get a flu shot all before they even departed. After their 20 minute ride, we hung out for a few more minutes at the little petting zoo. Lucas was quite intrigued by the little bull's nether regions (as were some parents who were less educated in livestock), but Lucas still tried to feed him lots of hay that he stole from the hay maze.
We then headed to a small-town diner where Lucas just about lost it due to exhaustion. By 7:30 we were on the road and Lucas was asleep. AND he slept until 7:30 Sunday morning!

Monday night for family night Ben was brave enough to venture into the craft drawer and get out the watercolors. Lucas enjoyed painting more than any other crafty thing we've ever done. One of his masterpieces is hanging on the fridge now. My face (and his face) became his other canvas.

And let's see... I'm 25 weeks now with BBB2. Things are going well. My only complaints are that my hip hurts and that I wake up 3 times to go to the bathroom at night. I think it's Heavenly Father's way of helping you get used to waking up three times to feed a baby. Here's what I look like now, as well as a pic from a year ago. Remember when I was blond?

In other news, I had a really rough couple of weeks when Lucas decided to stop taking naps. I've decided to accept it now and move on. After all, an 8:00 bedtime is more fun than a 9:00 bed time.
Ben's childhood BFF, Chris, came to visit and attend the Austin City Limits Festival. They had a great time together. They got to see Kings of Leon, Dave Matthews, Pearl Jam, and many other bands. Sunday night when they got home from PJ at 11:00, they were as giddy as 10 year old boys. They stuck a pizza in the oven, ate other junk and played video games until 4:00am. When Ben finally made it to bed my last words of the night were, "You're such an idiot." He agreed, and was exhausted the next day, but wouldn't take that time back for anything.

The first pic is from Day 1, which was dry. The second is from Day 3, after it rained for 2 days. It was a muddy nightmare at Zilcher Park (that brown stuff in the background used to be beautiful grass).


Jamie said...

I LOVE the blonde! And I like that your wearing the same dress in both pics. You lucky duck!

dani said...

Oh, look how cute you are! I hope you don't get sick! It is a sad day when the kiddos stop napping! I do like the blonde hair too!

Shan said...

I love reading your blog!!! It makes me so happy. One of these days I really do need to come and see you guys. I think Ben was the first person I knew who had a great love for Pearl Jam. I still remember when he lived with us for the summer and his VW had the custom PJ stuff on the inside. At least I think that's what it was. :) HOpe you are well!