Monday, October 26, 2009

How to be a Super-Hero

Yesterday morning I was telling Lucas how his friend, Ocean, broke her arm last week.
He asked if it was broken off or into little pieces, and I tried to explain that it was just a little crack and that she had a cast on her arm to help it heal. Then his cuteness came out:
L: "Oh, I should help Ocean!"
me: "Yes, you could ask Ocean if she needs any help. That would be really nice."
L: "Then I be like a super-hero because super-heroes always help people!"
As we were walking in to church a couple hours later he was really excited to see Ocean and ask her if she needed help. He made sure we sat right in front of her during church.
He never asked her if she needed help. Instead he fed Ocean and Eden dried cranberries and Pirate Booty the whole time, which I'm sure was helpful to Ocean in some way, even if the little kids ate most of the food.

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