Sunday, September 27, 2009

Big Weekend Fun

This is the 199th post on this here blog, so it should be full of fun bits.
Yesterday I officially started nesting, by cleaning out the nursery, washing all the bedding, and getting ready for Bouncing Baby Boy #2 (BBB2). While I was upstairs folding last seasons onesies, Lucas and Ben were creating the coolest train track ever. I came downstairs to discover a huge mess, but at second glance, realized it was a train track that started from the bookshelf, continued down various containers. through the barn, past the LoveSac and finished in the hallway. They had each piece taped together with painters tape and used very imaginative support beams.

About an hour later I heard giggling and went into the bedroom to discover Lucas wrapped up like a burrito. He thought it was the best thing ever. For those of us who are claustrophobic it would be quite a nightmare, but Lucas thought it was just fine. Of course we had to wrap Ben up like a burrito, too. Fun times! Just listen to the way Lucas says, "burrito" - it's the best!

Oh, and you might have noticed the beautiful pink pillow behind Ben. I've been wanting some satin pillow cases. Not for anything romantical, but just because they are supposed to be better for your skin and hair (they don't dry out your hair or cause wrinkles when you are on your side).
Anyhow, I got a couple in the mail from my mom the other day. Lucas stole one pillow from me for his nap. That night I took it back and he woke up at 4am and asked for the "mommy pillow" so I gave it up. Ben is not too happy that his son insists on sleeping on a pink satin pillow, but who can blame the kid? I asked him if he likes it because it's soft or because it's pink and he said, "because it's soft and pink."

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