Sunday, August 30, 2009

Luke's Naked Mile

There are some things that you don't want to forget as a parent... even if they are embarrassing and demonstrate your poor parenting ability.
Case #1:
The other evening we got a good rain storm finally. We decided to go out on a walk afterward before bed time. Lucas walked much more quickly than usual and took himself straight to the park. At the park he played on the wet slides and tunnels for a few minutes and then came over in front of the bench we were sitting on. He started grabbing at his shorts.
me: Lucas, don't take off your pants.
L: But, they're dirty.
He takes off his pants and heads over to a fun puddle on the sidewalk he was playing in.
me: Now, he's gonna want to take off his diaper.
Sure enough, two seconds after he took his pants off, he removed his diaper. He promptly went pee in the grass, then continued to play in the puddle. He started just splashing around, then sat in the puddle and eventually lied down in the puddle and put his head on it's side like he was going to sleep. We couldn't do anything but laugh. He was having so much fun naked puddle jumping. (FYI - it was dark and there was no one around).
Then, he picked up his diaper, swished it around in the puddle... much like a sponge, and threw the diaper at his parents on the bench.
We just cracked up, it was so funny. Finally it was time to head home so we put his wet shorts back on, took off his wet shirt and walked home. We were fortunate to run into some friends on the way home, and also play with a couple frogs. It was a good night.
Case #2:
Tonight Lucas took his diaper off to pee on the potty. Ben put a new one on, which was promptly removed within 5 minutes, so I went and got the new boxer shorts I bought for his b-day. We put those on him and he seemed happy. Then we decided to go on a walk, so we put other shorts over his new undies.
We went outside and Lucas decided he needed to drop his pants and pee - in the neighbor's yard, but we managed to hurry his naked bum back to our yard at least and we let him pee in the grass. Once again, no one was around... I hope. I put his pants back on and we continued on our walk. Lucas chose to wear a pair of Ben's shoes, so it was slow going. Eventually he took them off and walked barefoot. We just went around the block, but when we were about half-way done he had a bit on an accident in his pants. He then decided to rid himself of his wet drawers and run down the street. As much as we hollered he didn't come back, so I decided to chase him, wet shorts in hand. He was having so much fun running away from me feeling free in the breeze. When he got to the end of the street, he crossed it (away from our street) and kept running. I was laughing so hard, trying not to have an accident of my own, that it was hard for me to catch him. I finally caught up at the end of the block, both of us laughing. Of course, we gave him a stern talking to, put his pants back on him, and then headed home. He still ran away from us, but Ben chased him that time.

That kid just cracks me UP! Despite all his naughtiness, he has so much personality and I just love him for it. He's so personable and friendly, and loves talking to people - anyone. Tonight he introduced us to the kids up the street again, "These my friends, Mommy & Daddy..."

On another note, today for the first time, people approached me about my bulging belly. This sweet old lady at church came up and told me she noticed my shirt was a little tight, and asked when the baby was due. Another guy checked with Ben first before taking a risk at offending me. I guess I'm officially fat. :)

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Krista said...

you're little boy is SO funny! i hope i can meet him someday! i love that he considers you (his parents) to be his friends! and you're not 'fat' you're pregnant, so live it up!