Friday, August 14, 2009

Recent Lucasisms - August

Potty Talk - A few weeks ago I was cooking dinner when Lucas disappeared. I went to the hallway to find an empty diaper on the floor. I then opened the bathroom door to find Lucas going pee on the potty! With this kid potty training is going to have to be on his terms - he did it by himself when he wanted, and he still does. He is, however, terrified to go poo on the potty, but we're working on it.

Commando - if Lucas could have it his way he would go naked all day. I allowed it the other morning in the name of potty training and he did a great job - just a little accident on the kitchen tile, but he finished up on the potty. Last Saturday Lucas took his clothes off and was running around naked when the doorbell rang. I tried to catch him, but he beat me to the door. The UPS man got quite a show.

Oh my Goodness! - Lucas is so cute how he says, "Oh my goodness!" He uses it at appropriate times with so much amazement in his voice. Love it.

Big boy bed? - Lucas tries all the time to sleep in the guest room. We would let him if we could ever get him to stop bouncing off the walls in there. We're going to try to get his Big Boy room set up for a birthday present. We have three weeks...

Swimming - I met Ben and Lucas at the pool one night and was so surprised to find Lucas putting his head underwater for seconds at a time. He'll also "monkey crawl" around the whole pool jump in from the side now. I really want him to be a good swimmer because he's gonna have a perfect swimmer's body, like Michael Phelps, but without the marijuana.

Role Playing - Lucas likes to role play with Ben and me. Sometimes Lucas is the daddy, Ben's the mommy and I'm the baby. It's always fun to see how he acts and comforts the baby.

Talking Toys - We love listening to Lucas jabber away with his toys. Whether it's his cars or his farm animals, they have lovely conversations.

Baby Update - I'm almost 17 weeks along now. I went in for my 16-week checkup yesterday and everything looked good. I've been having lots of painless contractions the past couple of weeks, but the doctor wasn't worried. He just told me to drink lots of water, so I can spend even more of my day on the potty. We will have our big ultrasound on Sept 15th!
Oh, and I'm finally feeling good again. I'm back up to my pre-pregnancy weight and getting a gut. I can also feel the little kid move around in there, which is nice.


Shan said...

I'm so excited for you guys! Please keep me updated!

Farrah said...

Josh and Lucas should hang out some time. With both of them loving to go commando, it would be quite a show!
Glad you're feeling better!