Saturday, August 15, 2009

Saturday Adventure - Austin style

We needed an adventure today, so Ben deciding putting our 2-year-old son in a canoe would be appropriate. I was a little hesitant because I thought Lucas would freak out when he got in the boat. I also thought he would refuse to wear his life jacket. I had horrible visions of him falling out of the boat, me going into get him, getting tangled up in nasty plants, and eventually consumed by a giant man-eating turtle. Luckily, none of that happened. Lucas was a little hesitant, but wore his life vest. I wore mine too, to be a good example (and just so I would be extra buoyant if I did have to go in after the boy).
He wasn't too happy about the boat, but managed to whine less than he does at the grocery store and didn't throw a fit. He just held onto his three plastic bugs the entire time.
We saw ducks, swans, geese, turtles and some big fish. We went out onto the main part of Lady Bird Lake, down past the Lamar bridge, and under the bridge for the train. We were fortunate to have a train pass over the bridge while we were there; although, Lucas did mention that it was too loud, but he still liked to see the train.

After persistent whining to go home, we headed back to shore. We played at Zilker park for a bit and then headed to Sandra Bullock's new restaurant, Walton's, for lunch. Ben has eaten there twice for lunch and loved it. Today we had a strawberry steamed milk that Lucas enjoyed, raspberry soup (cold), spicybird panini, and a Reuben sandwich. Ben previously enjoyed his salads more than today's sandwiches, but maybe the chef had an off day.
After lunch it was home to a much needed nap time for all.
Tonight we ate leftovers for dinner and then headed down to South Congress to Big Top Candy Shop - an old fashioned store full off all sorts of great stuff. We bought a few bulk candies and hung out for a bit, then it was off to the store and home to bed. Ahhh... what a day!


Wendell said...

YEAH! I'm so glad things went well. I like the pic of you and Lukie with the Austin skyline behind you.


Shan said...

I love days like that! Austin sounds like so much fun!