Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sleepy Time

Today at church I noticed Lucas was a little warm. I didn't think much of it and dropped him off at nursery like usual. About an hour later I stopped by and saw Lucas lying under the table. The kid was asleep under the table! Out cold with all the other kids playing all around him. I just decided to leave him there to rest. When it was snack time he got up and went to another part of the room to lie down, then when he got up from that spot he was sad and crying, so Clay took him to me. My poor little man was burning up! He fell asleep again on the way home from church and then slept from 2-6 this afternoon (I woke him up, too).
He's so sweet when he's sick (no whining), but I hope he feels better soon.


Tricia said...

Hey Suzanne- how's he feeling??!! Hope he's better - that breaks my heart, sweet guy! Miss ya!!

Wendell said...

(This is Jamie) Poor little Lukie. Hope he is feeling better!

The Despain Gang said...

I hope he's better by now. Boston was sick forever this spring too--yucky spring viruses going around.