Friday, May 1, 2009

Recent Lucasisms - April

Smarty Pants - Lucas and I were graciously invited to participate in a home school preschool with a few friends from the 'hood. It's been a great experience. Lucas has had a lot of fun learning and it's been good for him to sit down and have some structure. He is the youngest, and often most wild of the group, so sometimes I do a lot of chasing, but he's 2, right?

Rocket Ships - Ever since Rocket Ship week in preschool I have learned that we have about 8 different rocket ships in our house. Who knew? The pantry, Lucas's cupboard, under the crib, under the TV in my room, various boxes, nooks and crannies, etc. Lucas likes to get in the rocket ships to go visit grandparents... or go to the moon.

Name Game - My brother has a gift when it comes to nick names. He calls Lucas, Lukie Lau Lau. And since Christmas, Lucas has referred to himself as Lukie Lau Lau. Part of this was my doing, and now it's just Lucas's name. BUT, this week he has finally started calling himself Lucas, which is equally cute coming from his mouth.

Counting Machine - Lucas loves to count. He can count to 30 now. He generally skips 13-15, but manages to get all the way to 30... or 2010, as it was first called.

Babble Mouth - Lucas has become quite the talking machine. He learns new words each week, so we get increasingly confused each week trying to decipher the new words. Also, he likes to repeat himself a lot until we acknowledge what he is saying and repeat it back. The other day Ben said, "Remember when we wanted Lucas to talk so bad? Why did we do that?"

Shhhhh - Lucas will do anything for a piece of candy. Last weekend we were shopping in Pier 1 and Lucas was whining about wanting a piece of candy. "I want candy, I want candy...." Finally Ben told him he needed to be quite if he wanted a piece of candy. So, for the next several minutes Lucas whispered, "I want candy, I want candy, I want candy..."

Pee for Sarge - Did I mention Lucas is easy to bribe with candy or cars? Well, in our house if you pee on the potty you get a toy car. Last weekend Ben and Lucas spent a lot of time in the bathroom drinking orange soda and Gatorade. Lucas decided that he wanted Sarge (from Cars) and Ben was determined to help Lucas get him. So, the boys spent an hour and 45 minutes in the bathroom and finally, finally, Lucas went pee in the potty. I heard the celebration from downstairs and got in the car to go buy Sarge.

Spelling Bee - Lucas can read/spell: mom, dad, cat, dog, Lucas, wow, and stop. I think that's it.

Hop on Pop - When my parents came to visit over Easter, they gave Lucas Hop on Pop by Dr. Seuss. My mom was reading it to him on the way to the airport and said, "He'll be able to read this to you before too long." I thought it was a long shot, but sure enough, he has it memorized. Here's a video. By the way, it's kind of nice now that Lucas can "read" to me before nap time! I added little subtitles so you can understand what he's saying.

No Push, No Hit - Lucas has a great memory. He got in trouble at a Valentine's Day party in February for pushing James and hitting Kate and we left the party. To this day he still talks about it. "Lukie push James, hit Kate's head at party..." And before we go anywhere with friends, he always says, "No push. No hit." Now if he would only listen to himself.

Eggs in a Basket - Lucas still has fun with his Easter eggs. My mom hid them for him many times in the back yard on Easter and he still loves to play with them just as much as he did then. Sometimes he lines them up, sometimes I hide them. Most of the time he watches from the kitchen while I hide them. And he always takes them apart after he finds them.

Dress Me - Lucas isn't too keen on the idea of learning to do some things by himself. He's not too excited to start potty training, doesn't want to dress himself, etc. The other night we decided we'd try to teach him to change his clothes. So, there we were in the living room taking our shirts off together. It was rad. Then we were offering Lucas candy to take his pants off. Grrrreat. We'll have to learn about stranger danger next time. But, hey, he did finally learn to take his pants off just in time to take his candy into the shower.


Treselaine said...

Oh goodness, how cute is that! "No Pat No, Don't sit on that!"

Suzy said...

That's my favorite part, too. As well as "Mr. Brown is out of town."