Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Stinkin' Cute

Some cute things from the past few days:

The other night we were getting ready to go somewhere and I opened the garage door and Lucas ran over and held onto the bottom of the door. Up went Lucas with the door. We just looked on in amazement and told him to let go, but he wouldn't. Ben ran over and grabbed him when he was about 4 feet off the ground. It looked really funny, though, to see this kid being lifted in the air by the garage door.

Friday afternoon I went to the park with my friend, Jamie, and her kids. She ran to get gas in the car and I had all three kids. Anna had to go to the bathroom, so we all went over to the pool to use the fine facilities. I instructed Lucas and Drew to sit at the table while I took Anna to the potty and NOT to get in the water. I yelled at Drew and asked if they were ok and got a positive response. When Anna and I emerged from the bathroom, there was Drew sitting at the table, and Lucas was swimming in the baby pool - in his clothes. He thought it was great. Next time I'll bring all three into the bathroom with me.

Saturday morning (before the accident) we were at the nursery looking at plants. When we were leaving we saw this elephant topiary, so we showed it to Lucas. He immediately called it Horton and said, "Hello Horton. My name is Lucas."

This week is our bulk pickup in our neighborhood, where people can throw just about anything out on the curb to be hauled away. We saw a decent bike out on the street with flat tires and a broken training wheel. We totally took it home. Embarrassing? A little, but the price was right. Lucas was really excited about his "new" bike. Last night Ben fixed it up and it's good as new. Lucas is still too small to ride it, but he had fun playing with it. Ben's favorite part of the day was when Lucas said, "Thanks for fixing my bike, Dad!"

My favorite part of the day was when some kids from up the street were down on their bikes, checking out Lucas's bike, and Lucas said, "Hi, my name is Lucas. These are my friends, Mommy and Daddy." He's just so cute (and polite, I might add).
Here's a pic of Lucas on the bike, and a sad pic of the Maxima before we took it in to the shop.

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Scott Baldwin said...

If you need another training wheel we have one.