Monday, September 8, 2008

Weekend Update

We had a really fun weekend, so I thought I should fill you in.
Friday was Ben's annual work boat party where he watches everyone else get drunk and plays in the lake. He had a good time. There's always really yummy food, and a day at the lake is more fun than work.

On Saturday morning we headed downtown to the Children's Museum and used our new membership that Joanie gave us. It was pretty fun. Lucas had a good time and especially enjoyed the train section. After lunch at Schlotzsky's and a nap we decided to go play tennis. Didn't you know we were tennis stars?
Well, we've never actually played before. I took lessons when I was little (20 years ago) and hadn't touched a racket since.
Ben's reasoning for starting tennis: "You're really good at ping pong, so I bet you'll be good at tennis." Well... I wasn't. I was really bad. Tennis and Pong are very different. But, I still want to keep trying because we would be cute playing tennis together AND I could wear those hot tennis skirts! Ben was better than me, but still no Agassi. I managed to hit the ball out of the court and into the park and he always managed to keep it in the fence at least.

Lucas played with his dump truck and markers the whole time. He also made for a good ball boy, but I felt bad for him because it was so stinking hot outside. I'm determined to try this adventure again, though. Next time we will keep ball storage in mind, though. Ben's shorts weren't baggy enough to hold all the balls we were going through. I kept mine in my shirt and I looked really good.

After tennis, our day was pretty much over, except for errands. Ben took Lucas to Lowe's while I bought groceries. Then we headed home for dinner and bedtime.

Sunday night we had the Rothes over for dinner. Lucas harassed little Anna (Anni) and Drew (Dwu) had to keep him in line. It was a good time, though, even if Drew couldn't stomach the spinach in my lasagna, the bread was still frozen in the middle, and the watermelon was a little hard. At least the crepes for dessert were pretty good. And of course the company was great!

Some other funny things:
The other day I told Lucas to go get Ben for dinner, so he went up to the office and came back a few minutes later. I asked if he told Dad it was time for dinner and he nodded. A few minutes later I yelled at Ben and asked if he was coming. "Oh, is that was Lucas meant when he came in and said 'cheese'?"
Whenever I ask Lucas what he wants for dinner/lunch/breakfast, he always answers "cheese." Perhaps because it's the only food he says.

Lucas likes to be wrapped up in a blanket and play "Baby." I swaddle him and just pretend he's a baby and hold him. He thinks it's a riot.

We got a crib tent for Lucas a couple weeks ago because he was crawling out of bed, which was scary and annoying. It works like a charm! He thinks it's fun to have a tent bed and has never once freaked out when I zipped him in.

I think that's it for now.


Becca said...

I'm so curious about the crib tent! Please post a photo.

Jamie said...

The lasagna was delicious! Thanks again for having us over!