Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Naughty One

I was too lazy to get the camera from downstairs yesterday when I was writing, so here are the pictures.

Lucas helped me make cookies yesterday. He's such a pill now when I cook. All is hear is "up, up, up..." until I put him on the counter. He used to be able to keep his hands to himself, but now he's got busier hands than a 17 year-old boy.

Lucas likes to play hide and seek in my closet. He gets behind the clothes and gets lost several times a day.

Here's a picture of Lucas in his new crib tent. I know it's ugly, but having him stay in bed is quite lovely. (They make these for Pack n Plays too!)

Last night for dinner Lucas had some yogurt. It turned into more of a yogurt hand massage. That was a joy to clean up!

After dinner, Lucas felt like climbing Mt. Exhausted Daddy. It went well... until after I stopped filming and Lucas stepped on a land mine. Ouch!

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