Thursday, September 11, 2008

Potty Humor

Today after Lucas's nap I was changing his diaper. As I was finishing up, he got a little hyper and started playing with the wipes and swinging them every which direction. I looked at him sternly so he would stop, which he did for a second. Then he reached down to his side and grabbed the dirty diaper and swung it up. It swept across his face, poopy side down, and landed next to him. The poop fell out of the diaper and landed right next to his head, touching his ear. At first I was just shocked and we stared at each other. Then I lost it and started to laugh uncontrollably. I considered fetching the camera, but knew that something bad would happen if I left.
After my laughing fit, I told Lucas not to move. By then he had realized what happened and burst into tears, not moving because there was a big poo next to his head.
I grabbed the poo with the diaper and wiped the poo stripe off his forehead. Then I told him it was ok and we went to the bathroom and did a quick face/hair shampoo in the sink. Poor baby. He keeps touching his hair and saying, "pee pee."
I got these pictures afterwards. He's pointing to the poo stain. The sheets are in the washer now.

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