Friday, September 12, 2008

uh oh - watermelon!

We love watermelon at our house. You can see Lucas enjoying a piece for breakfast.
While I was in the pantry getting the oatmeal for breakfast, Lucas was busy in the refrigerator. I suddenly heard a big crash and turned around to see a bowl toppled over with pieces of watermelon all over the floor.

Lucas knew this was bad news and started to cry a little, but I just had to laugh it off so I didn't cry too. Together we cleaned up the watermelon. Lucas ate a lot of it and threw the rest in the garbage for me. I was the designated floor/Lucas wiper as well as videographer.

And another video. This time with the poor kid slipping in the juice.


Scott Baldwin said...

I like how he slips, then comforts himself with food - my kind of man.

The Despain Gang said...

Watermelon is soooo yummy!