Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Scardy Pants

Last night Ben and I stayed up until about 12:30 watching a stupid movie, so we were already missing about an hour of valuable sleep. Then at 4:00 we both woke up...
Ben: Did you hear that?
Suzy: Yeah. It was Lucas's toy.
Ben: How did it sound?
Suzy: Duuh-duh-duh-duuuh-duh-duh (singing)
Ben: Yeah, that's what I heard too (making sure it wasn't a dream).
Suzy: Sometimes it just does that.
A few minutes later it did it again...
Suzy: I'm kind of scared now.
Ben: Usually burglars don't play with children's toys
It does it again... Ben goes downstairs to turn off toy.
Now we're having trouble getting back to sleep.
At 5:00 there's another noise.

Ben: I just turned it off!
Suzy: No, that's the fish toy.
Ben: What fish toy?
Suzy: You know, the other big toy with fish on it.
Ben: Ahhh... I turned off the wrong toy.
More toy noises....
Suzy: You should go turn it off because I'm too scared.
Ben goes to turn off the toy. Crash! Ben falls down the stairs.
Suzy runs out to make sure he's ok. Ben turns off toy and comes back to bed unharmed.
6:30 - Ben runs out of bed. Suzy hears a door open. Suzy assumes he needed to write something down for work in the office. Ben comes back.
Suzy: What did you do?
Ben: I was having a dream that Lucas was screaming because he was stuck or something.
Suzy: So, did you run into his room?
Ben: Yeah. I'm lucky I didn't wake him up.
Suzy: Yeah. This sucks. Usually when we have crappy nights of sleep it is Lucas's fault.

The alarm went off at 7:45, Ben went to work. Suzy got up at 8:00 to get ready for VT. Lucas woke up at 8:30... a good night's sleep for him at least. Lucas and Suzy had naps, Ben did not.
Ben's such a brave hero! We always talk about how we need a plan of action in case someone breaks into our house. So far the plan is: Ben runs into bathroom, puts in contacts (or glasses), Suzy grabs flashlight from under bed with which she can see (and use as a blunt object). Together they defeat the intruder in their underoos.

While I was awake I thought of two other really funny sleep stories, which added to my inability to sleep... I'll write them later.


Jamie said...

Your self-defense plan is a lot like ours. Except I stay cuddled in bed while Chris attacks in his ninja stance.

amanda said...

i laughed at this really hard. i'm sorry to say, but the best part was when ben fell down the stairs.

pete wants to get one of those police batons, if we have a burglar. i want some handy purse mace. or a stun gun.