Monday, August 11, 2008

ABQ in Review

Here are a few pictures from our trip to Albuquerque:

Lucas pushing Madison on the wiggle car.
Lucas and Grandma cleaning up after the ketchup mishap.

A few weeks ago my mom and sister slept outside on the deck with my nephews. The air matress was still out so we took advantage of it. I never got to sleep outside because I was afraid that Lucas would wake up and wander around in the night, but Maddie, my mom, and Lisa slept out one night (and Lucas did wake up and wander that night).

Lucas always loves to spend time outside. The grass is soft, it's not too hot, not too humid. It's just right! Plus the backyard is much more beautiful and interesting than the grass box we have at home.

Here are Lucas and Maddie admiring the flowers.

For pictures of the yummy cakes we made check out my other blog.

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