Friday, August 15, 2008

lip insurance

Lucas is known for his voluptuous lips. He got them from Ben, not me. I wish I had a pucker like his.
Yesterday Lucas was sitting/standing on a chair at the kitchen table coloring and we were singing our Rehab song. When it was his part he looked over at me and before he could sing, "no, no, no" he had fallen down, face first, onto the chair next to him (the one holding his high chair). Loud screaming ensued, and as I picked him up I saw blood in his mouth and on his lips.

Luckily none of his teeth were injured (always a fear of mine), but his lip got cut when it hit the chair. See the picture below where there are teeth marks from his upper teeth in the chair - his little lip just got cut from ramming into the corner of the wood - OUCH!

I took him upstairs to evaluate the situation and determine if we needed a stitch, which translates to: take pictures to email to my sister or brother and have them determine if we needed a stitch. After a few minutes when the bleeding and crying stopped, I decided it was really ok and didn't bother my siblings.

I hope it doesn't hurt so bad that he can't eat. And hopefully his lip won't scar. If Lucas ends up being a lip model we'll have to get lip insurance for accidents like this.


Dani said...

Addie would totally kiss those cute lips better if her daddy didn't mover her away from you guys! Poor Lucas!

The Despain Gang said...

WOW! Ouch is right; wow teeth marks. so sad. Hope he feels better soon.