Sunday, August 3, 2008


Lucas is driving me absolutely insane. He's usually such a good napper and sleeper - generally going down w/o a fight. But now that we're at Grandma's house, there are fun toys, dogs, and people. He just wants to run non-stop. The main problem is that he can climb out of his bed. So I will put him in for nap time and he will lay down, but five minutes later he's playing with blocks or Mr. Potato Head in the living room.

I have resorted to locking the door to the bedroom and staying in there with him until he is exhausted from fighting me. Then I have to lay next to him until he falls asleep, then he's all sweet and precious, and after 15 or 20 minutes I can put him in the pack 'n' play. Our 12:30 nap time and changed to 2:00 because of all the protesting. And last night he slept from 11:00 - 6:45, which is NOT cool.

Any advice? We have some friends who will loan us a real crib that he won't climb out of... at least he wouldn't a week ago. We might have to do that.

On a fun note, my mom and I are making a mint chocolate cake with chocolate ganache frosting, so that should make me happier.


Scott Baldwin said...

Oh my goodness I just had flashbacks about Kate moving from her crib to her bed - and yes Harmans, you were here the first night the bunk beds were installed!

The wrestling, lying next to, fighting, etc. is very familiar.

The answer? Door locks. Toy removal. Pure bliss once the crying stops. :)

Dani said...

Oh man, sounds exciting. I'd lock the doors and let him scream it out whether he's in a bed or not, especially at night! So not fun, but the cake sounds delish! Good luck!

Suzy said...

Last night Lucas was great,and he just went down for his nap like a trooper. Things are looking up. The cake was delish. I'll post it on my other blog later.

amanda said...

i'm barely getting over the not-sleeping-at-night hump, and i feel for you. i don't know what everyone else's philosophy is, but i think i am going to have to try the cry-out method with mine eventually. i allow her to do all the things i promised myself i wouldn't do, so now i (and she) will have to suffer through some rough nights in the future. bad mom. bad.

Kendra said...

Just a tip, there are canopies that go over the top of pack-n-plays, and they work like a charm!

PS I'm sister of Megan Chan, and member of blog stalkers anonymous.