Monday, September 10, 2007

Mafia Girls

When my mom, sister, and niece were in town we all four wore black shirts to church. The three of them had the same shirt on (except Maddie's wasn't shiny) and mine had long sleeves. After church our friend Adam asked if we were in the mafia. Ben tried to convince Adam that we really were like the mafia. Poor Ben. He had been the only boy for too long, besides Lucas.

I just wanted to share these cute pics real quick. These are our, "Oh no, we didn't take any pictures yet" pictures. They usually happen right before the trip to the airport.

Lucas is holding his little plastic "grenade toy" and wearing his little sailor outfit that my sister, Lisa, gave him. I think it's really cute, as do most other girls. Ben thinks Lucas looks like a weird Dutch boy when I put him in this. Too bad - I'm the fashionator in this household.


Scott Baldwin said...

Fashionator, yes. Someone's gotta do something about Ben's "swimsuit" shorts. Just kidding, Ben, I like your shorts. Maybe that's because I have a swimming suit that looks just like them! :)

Dani said...

I like his sailor outfit! Cute little boy! Hey Addie had a sailor outfit as well, a little skirt and top! Too bad it was a 3 month size. We could've taken some serious sailor pictures of those two!

ThomCarter said...

Good thing you know someone that is truly in the Mafia