Friday, September 7, 2007

Do I look fat with this hair?

Well, folks, my long hair is gone. Today I went with my friend, Jamie, to get our hair cut. I sat in the chair and told Lisa (the hair girl) to take about four inches off, do the same layering business, bang business, etc. She was all done and said, "You know, this would look a lot better if you would just cut your hair to here," pointing to my shoulders. She went on to explain the movement of the hair, the layering, the tapering, yada yada. So, I decided I would think about it while Jamie got her hair cut. After a few encouraging words from Jamie and Jeana (via cellular telephone technology) I decided to whack my hair. I had been thinking about it anyways, but my long hair is just so convenient - I can always put it in a bun, braid, pony. I guess that could really be a problem. I've asked my friends to not let me turn into one of those Amish looking ladies that has really long hair and just always has it in a bun, a braid, or a braided bun... I'm afraid that is what I was becoming. Only with a better fashion sense and better makeup.

Anyhow, what started off as a trim, ended up as a serious haircut. I bet total I got about 9 inches cut off. Ben hasn't seen yet... nor does he know about the 2nd trip to the seat. We'll see what his reaction is tonight. I'm betting he will notice.

I don't know what to do with these bangs. I think I will forgo the bangs next time. I just don't know if I like how the lady cuts them. We'll see....

Oh yeah, and back to my butt. I thought my butt looked bigger after my hair cut. Then I realized it was probably my butt making me look fat and not my hair. :)

And I would like to apologize to JennV for cutting my hair. She's always supported and been a big fan of my long hair. Especially because I could wear it to a luau if I needed to, and that's just fun. I guess now I'll have to purchase a couple coconuts.


Krista said...

LOVE it!! You could never look fat!

Krista & Tara

The Wayes said...

Pretty sure you can get a good ponytail out of that - don't worry! Looks great. Becca

Dani said...

You're funny! I was expecting it to be way short but you still have lots of room to play with! I think it looks great! I like the bangs! Although everytime after I cute mine I wish I didn't cuz they just get in the way but they add a little spunk! Cute cute!

ThomCarter said...

I also just got my hair cut past my butt. But the coconuts have helped me get over it.