Friday, September 14, 2007

First Swing

Today I took Lucas to the park with my friend, Brenna, and her kids. There's not too much for a little kid to do at the park, but Lucas did swing for a few minutes. I managed to get this funny picture of him on his first ride in the swing. He really liked if for a few minutes, but then changed his mind and wanted out.
Lucas also had fun climbing up the slide, trying to eat leaves and rocks, and crawling towards big group of moms with babies and stealing their water bottles.
Before we left, Brenna let Jackson go down the slide a couple more times, so I let Lucas crawl up a couple more times. I got sidetracked feeling sorry for myself because I was sweaty and sticky, and Lucas fell off the bottom of the slide onto his noggin. Yes, I feel bad. Now he's fast asleep having nap time. He's such a good boy.

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