Friday, June 1, 2012

I just wanted to get some recent-ish pics up on the blog. We've been busy around here! Lucas finished Kindergarten last Thursday at 12:15 and ever since then I've been learning to adjust to two kids at home again! Lucas has learned a lot at school this year and made so many great friends. I'm so proud of him for how he's grown and worked so hard. He's still doing great at reading and writing and he also really likes math. Ben started doing long addition with him a month or two ago. And now they're working on memorizing multiplication tables. Ben is so good at challenging Lucas to learn new things. I would never think of doing half this stuff with Lucas, but Ben does, and I'm grateful for that.

Here's a picture from when they had career night at school. Lucas dressed up as a zookeeper. I paid $15 for that vest. I hope we use it again.
Ben and I have been looking for fabric to make valances in the kitchen for MONTHS. We finally found one we both like! We made a roller shade, but that's as far as we've gotten. I'd like to make a relaxed roman shade valance for the other two windows, but it seems hard, so instead I haven't done anything...

These two boys are addicted to phone/Kindle games. It's really annoying, but also a saving grace at times. Look how cute they are.

 Evan makes such funny faces. You definitely know when he's upset or happy by looking at that face. You can also tell that he loves blueberries. Other things he loves: the pool, airplanes, trains, cars, an airplane in the pool would be ideal.

Ben is beginning to see a light at the end of the tunnel for his bike rack sculpture. He's been putting in hours and hours getting details right, sorting gears, cleaning gears, polishing gears. Then there's all the paperwork. It's been driving him insane. BUT, the good news is that he has the gears organized, clean in his trunk to deliver to the guy who is going to build bike rack for him. And hopefully by the end of June this thing will be done or very very close to completion. We'll have to have a party.

Oh yeah! Remember this awesome poster Ben made? He won an award for it in the Neenah Paper's inaugural Unshow Contest for his "ability to creatively combine paper, design and printing with style!" Congrats Ben!!

The boys and I are off on a magical vacation tomorrow. We're leaving Ben here all alone to finish up last minute bike rack stuff and maybe start writing a book (why should he have any free time?). We'll miss him... but I don't think he'll miss us that much... at least for the first couple days. :)

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