Sunday, April 8, 2012

Days and Nights

A couple weeks ago we bought Lucas a clock - a Darth Vader clock. He is instructed to stay in his room until Vader says it's 7:00.

Ben and I went out tonight so we purposely kept the kids awake all day so they would go to bed early and Clay could have a relaxing night...
Well, Lucas had a meltdown early and was in bed by 6:15. Evan in bed by 6:55. We left at 7:05. Clay called us at 7:30 and told us Lucas was awake reading a book. I told him he could do whatever he wanted with him, so he let him stay up for a while.
Apparently Lucas just came downstairs about 7:15 and plopped on the Lovesac and started reading. He didn't even acknowledge Clay for about 20 minutes.
Then they had some cereal (which might have caused some confusion) and drew pictures and played War. Every time Clay mentioned maybe going back to sleep Lucas would get really confused and explain that he slept until 7:12, and that he could wake up!
Clay tried over and over to explain that Lucas really just had a little nap. He showed him the moon and told him that tomorrow was Sunday and Easter and there would be candy... Still, as Clay was walking Lucas back upstairs at 10:15, Lucas said, "But, if I go to bed now, It will be bed time when I wake up!"

So funny. Oh, and Evan also woke up for Clay to deal with, so the huge stack of work he brought over remained a huge stack. Poor awesome Clay.

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