Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Some Recent Funnyisms

Lucas has said some funny things in recent weeks:
He got a magic wand in a kids meal and pointed it at Ben: "Dad, I'm gonna dissapear you into a cat!"

At first we tried to explain to him that it wasn't a real magic wand. He didn't quite get it and I was afraid he would be really upset when Ben didn't turn into a cat. Instead, Ben pretended he was a cat and Lucas was delighted. We spent the rest of the night taking turns turning each other into different animals.

Lucas's prayers are always interesting to listen to.
After Evan was born he would always say, "Please bless Mommy that her head feel better."
"Please bless I can hold my baby brother."
"Thank you for my toys and for my house."
"Thank you that I could see Thomas." (this happened in October, but he's still very thankful)
"Thank you that I could go to church" (he says this every day, not just Sunday)
"Please bless that I can watch a movie."

It's so sweet to listen to his little voice when he says prayers. Sometimes he has a hard time being serious, but when he is you can hear his concerns and know that he is grateful... even if it's just for his toys.

Evan is almost 7 weeks old. He's a big boy and he's so freaking cute. He has the cutest smile that I hope to catch on film one of these days. Evan also rolled over Sunday night from tummy to back. He's not supposed to do that for a month or two. He's just very manly is all.

I will try to get some pictures on the blog soon. As well as more updates. We've many adventures in our travels the past couple weeks. In Phoenix our good friend got married, we had Evan's baby blessing, and Lucas got to meet his 6 cousins for the first time. We also hit up Bahama Bucks a couple times and got to see the Clarks and Silvertooths!
Our time in ABQ has been less eventful, although, today Lucas had a great time with Aunt Lisa that included a train ride, giant ants, sharks, and stops at two fast food establishments. He's such a lucky boy. I just have to learn how to download pictures onto my Dad's computer... I just have to relearn the PC. Until then, have a smashing day.

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