Monday, March 29, 2010

I just don't think he'll fit now...

We had a rough evening - Lucas was exhausted by 5:00. He hit me on the head with a book, threw all my laundry downstairs, and put spaghetti in his milk. After dinner Lucas came back in the kitchen and said, "Mom, I think it's time for Evan to go now."
Me: "Go where?"
Lucas: "Back in your tummy."
Now, I was wasn't expecting this. Evan was happily sleeping in his bouncy seat. I didn't quite know how to respond. I considered telling him he was S.O.L and making a joke of it - that baby definitely isn't going back in there! But then I remembered that this new kid did come in and totally alter Lucas's perfect world. So, I sat down and asked Lucas if it was hard to live with Evan sometimes. He said it was especially hard when Evan cries. We didn't have a long talk about it, but I'm glad he knows he can talk to us, even if it is about his wish to send his baby brother back for a bit. Maybe it's time for me to take my little man on a date...

On another note, Ben was pulling weeds on Saturday. He had the back door open all morning. We were getting ready to head out around lunch time and Ben was at the kitchen sink. I was headed upstairs and heard him yell at Lucas to stay away, so I turned around to see what the fuss was about. When I got to the kitchen I saw Ben holding his awesome Space 1999 lunchbox that he got on eBay. Instead of the usual leftovers in his lunchbox, it was a snake. Ben stepped on it while he was at the sink. He was barefoot, the snake moved, he freaked out. He looked down and the snake headed to hide in the cabinets. Ben grabbed it by the tail and threw it in his lunchbox (the closest thing around). We took it in the backyard and he tossed it over the fence. It was quite the adventure for a Saturday morning. It was a harmless snake, but some people up the street from us killed a rattle snake a couple months ago. Grrrrross. It's really cute to hear Lucas tell the story. He's so animated.

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Chris and Amy said...

Love the stories. I can just picture Lucas coming to you and see your family huddled around a lunch box! Love it! Glad it was a harmless snake. It would give me the creeps!