Tuesday, March 30, 2010

C is for Cookie

I told Lucas we were going to make cookies this afternoon, yet I was a bit taken aback when he actually pulled his stool up next to me while I was creaming the butter and sugar. He started getting into the flour and soda, wanting to taste everything and asking questions about the vanilla and mint extract. Finally I realized, he was indeed going to help, so I just had to accept it. See, I'm not the best at sharing the kitchen (according to Ben). I work great with my mom, but if someone comes in and starts making a mess (say Lucas) I'm not too accepting. And I know I need to work on my kitchen behavior. Or else Ben, I mean Lucas, needs to start taking direction better... some boys just don't want to be taught!

Anyhow, Lucas helped me measure the flour and tasted the dough along every stage. He was especially helpful when it was time to clean up:

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