Monday, May 12, 2008

Recent Funnyisms

Just thought I'd fill you in on a few funny things Lucas has been doing.

First of all, when I go to the store, instead of whining for candy like most kids, Lucas whines when we reach the strawberries. Last week they were on sale luckily. We went through three pounds of strawberries in just a few days! I also bought some frozen blueberries and I can bribe Lucas with either one. If he won't get in his high chair I just ask him if he wants some berries and he'll usually come running. He'll even do the sign for "more" over and over.

Last week Lucas learned how to open the refridgerator door, which in itself is a bit of a nightmare. At one point I came downstairs and the door was open and Lucas had red juice all over his mouth and on his white onesie - he opened the strawberries and enjoyed one... nice and dirty, too.

Friday night we had some friends over. Lucas came and sat on my lap at one point. Wendy reached over and patted his little bum and asked, "Is he wearing a diaper?" I thought she was crazy, but then I felt and sure enough, the diaper was MIA. Lucas reached up his shorts, undid his diaper, pulled it out the leg and left it in the hall. Hey, everyone knows it's better to go commando, even Lucas. Luckily he didn't have an accident in the 10 or so minutes he was diaperless.

In Primary yesterday the kids filled out little Mother's Day forms for their moms. Ben filled one out for me - from Lucas (in little kid hand writing, with misspellings, and all):

I love when my mother sings songs
I love my mother because she is butiful
My mother likes to dance with stars
My mother is happy when I am happy
The funniest thing I ever did with my mother was spin.
My mother is sad when I whine
The funniest thing I ever saw my mother do was laff
The color my mom likes best is pink
If I could give my mother anything, I'd give her fansy close
The first thing my mother does when she wakes up is hug me
I like when my mother makes dinner for me
I like to be have for my mother
My mother's favorite food is good
My mother does not like to eat poop
My mother works at home
The color of my mom's hair is gold
My mother is 22 years old
My mother's shoe size is 13.5
By: Lucas

I thought it was pretty cute. In nursery they sent Lucas home with a cute picture of him from last week and then a small picture of him in a frame. He looks pretty funny in both pictures.

Happy Mother's Day to all the mommies!

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Dani said...

Oh how I wish Addie would whine for healthy stuff! I wish I would whine for healthy stuff now that I think about it! Instead of wanting brownies or hot chocolate chip cookies! Oh well, I welcome my thunder thighs! Oh and Addi's nursery picture looks like a mug shot. She's so onery!