Friday, August 30, 2013

Lucky 7! Happy Birthday Lucas!!

Yesterday Lucas turned 7. SEVEN! He's getting so BIG and growing into such a sweet young man. We love him so much!
Last year Lucas woke up at 5:30 on his birthday. But this time it was Evan! And it was 5:00... and I went to bed at 1:00. Needless to say, I was not happy. And I was worried I wouldn't make it through the day. Anyhow, Lucas got up at 6:30. He got dressed and closed his eyes as we came down the stairs because he wanted to be surprised by the streamers and balloons (which he requested weeks ago), and he was pleased with the results. For breakfast I made blueberry pancakes and then Lucas opened a few gifts.
We headed to school in our newly pimped out car. I had a lot of fun drawing on the car with window crayons. I think it was my favorite of all the birthday prep.
Evan and I delivered donuts to Lucas's class at 2:45. It was the first time I've been in his new classroom during the school day, so that was fun. The kids were pretty excited and hyper for some reason...

After school I had an audition for a great job and I wanted to take Lucas because they needed kids, too. Lucas wasn't sure if he wanted to go, but finally he got in the car and off we went. I was nervous because he wasn't on board when we left the house; however, he did a wonderful job in the audition and totally surprised me! He did such a great job showing excitement and improvising while we sat in our imaginary truck, pulling our imaginary boat on our way home from our imaginary weekend at the lake. And Lucas loved the experience, too. Hopefully we'll get a callback!

We came home and had a yummy dinner and opened the rest of his gifts. (I love how excited he got over the blue blazer, dress pants, sweater vest, and belt I got him. He also wants a three piece suit and a tux...) After gifts we enjoyed a Harry Potter inspired cake (chocolate with strawberries and whipped cream). I had a lot of fun putting this cake together, and tried my best to channel my inner Rubeus Hagrid whilst decorating.

Look at my boy dressed up in his new Harry gear. He told me he thinks he should dye his hair darker. He's so silly. Maybe temporarily some day....

I love my little stinker so much. And I hope all his dreams comes true.
Happy Birthday, Lucas!

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