Saturday, August 31, 2013

Harry Potter Feast

Last night I had a Harry Potter dinner for three little HP fanatics. Look at how cute they are! Seriously cute, right? I have been wanting to do it for a while, and figured I should make it part of Lucas's birthday weekend.
I decorated with some potions: dream fluid, gillyweed, truth serum, dried beetles, blind cat eyes, and bat eyes.
For dinner they had meat pies (chicken pot pie), served with Herbology fruit, and Herbology broccoli, with pumpkin juice to drink. For dessert I made a treacle tart (Harry's favorite) as well as butter beer, of course.

 The kids had lots of fun and started the sorting hat at the beginning. We had to use Lucas's party hat from his birthday yesterday :). They went through as many names as they could remember, taking turns sitting in the chair, putting them into the appropriate houses.

 They ate their dinner, then played in their "dormitories" and came down for dessert. 

They had lots of fun and tried all the food (and some potions). Lucas ate quite a few dried beetles...hopefully today will be ok, because dried beetles are basically like prunes. The pumpkin juice was probably the fan favorite. 
My butterbeer didn't turn out great. I made homemade butterscotch sauce and it didn't turn out right because my candy thermometer broke, and I don't think I cooked it long enough, and my mom would have washed down the sides of the pan... Anyhow, it sugared and didn't dissolve in the cream soda. Next time I'll just buy butterscotch sauce. And I always imagined butterbeer to be warm, so I'm gonna try again in January. 
The treacle tart was beautiful. The sweetness of the golden syrup was a bit extreme for my liking (basically treacle tart is golden syrup (cooked sugar), bread crumbs, lemon juice and ginger). It was a fun experiment, though. And it's amazing how much better kids eat Harry Potter food. I might have HP food every night!

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