Thursday, November 1, 2012


 We had a fun Halloween. We had a little Batman and a little pirate. We went to the party at church and the kids had lots of fun and ate a fair amount of sugar... They got to listen to a story, bob for apples (L) , eat a donut on a string (L) and go through Dad's haunted house, which scared both of them even though the bloody boys tried to be really nice to them :).
 There was some good action outside between Batman and Spiderman. It was pretty fun.
 As always it's nearly impossible to get a good group shot, but we tried. 
And that's Ben in his scary mask, drawn on with a highlighter for the blacklight room.
 I think I'll let them eat ALL the candy they want today and hopefully it will be gone by tomorrow. (We didn't get too much since Evan didn't really care and Lucas had his head stuck in a barrel of water looking for apples half the time).


Marco said...

Aren't Batman and Spider-Man supposed to stand together in the battle against evil? They should have BOTH fought against the pirate and that scary nurse.

Suzanne Harman said...

That nurse was not scary. She was evil... you might even call her naughty. Two totally different things. Not scary.