Friday, October 5, 2012

Airplanes, Nudity, and Pink Pillows

It's high time Evan had a blog post all to himself. I've been meaning to write one just about Evan since the middle of the summer, but instead I spent a lot of time at the pool. Oops.
Evan is such a sweet boy. He's growing up so big. SO BIG. He's solid. 35 pounds of solidness, to be exact... or almost exact. 

I just went through a bunch of pics from the past year. Here is Evan a year ago exactly. We were in Hawaii visiting Lisa. Remember that? That was so fun. His hair was perfect. Strawberry blonde, perfectly parted and swept to the side. Then... it just changed. It's blonde and it just sticks up. It's so soft and fluffy. He gets A LOT of compliments on his hair, though. People love to come run their fingers through it. He's like a lucky troll doll... But I don't know if people really LOVE his hair, or if they "love" it like they "love" these shoes of mine.

Evan is such a fun boy. He's hilarious and he does really silly things, and gets himself into funny situations.  
Like getting stuck in a bucket.
Or sitting in the drawer of the train table.

Or getting in the bathtub IN HIS CLOTHES. Once before he was ready for bed, once after he had already had his bath and gotten ready for bed.
If Evan is hungry and you ignore him, he'll take matters into his own hands. If the kid wants a tortilla, he'll eat a freakin' tortilla. I've gone through two packages of tortillas with bite marks on them.
He likes to read on the potty. I wish he liked to go potty on the potty more, but it's ok.
Evan has a beautiful smile. He's so happy and I love his little sweet face.

Newsflash: Evan LOVES airplanes! Everything can be an airplane. Below, you'll see airplane hanger, airplane truck, airplane popsicle sticks, and an airplane fingernail clipper. He also really appreciates when we get mail from Southwest Airlines. Oh, and down there on the right you can see he made an airplane out of some little cracker sticks. If there's a loose paper in the house, he will ask for you to make a paper airplane out of it.

A couple weekends ago we took the kids to watch airplanes landing at the airport. Ben got online and found a cemetery close to the airport where photographers like to go watch planes. Weird to hang out in a cemetery? Yes. But the kids loved seeing the planes.

Lucas took pics with Ben's phone and then they had fun looking at them after the plane passed.

Evan still loves his pink pillow. He'll probably love it forever. 
Oh, and let me tell you... It's a miracle Evan has clothes on in all these pictures. Evan recently became a nudist. He hates wearing clothes. He knows he has to wear clothes when we go somewhere or when friends come over. But, the second we walk in the door he's asking for help to take his shirt off, and he's pulling his pants down. Can't blame him...

My Mom came to town a couple days ago. After her arrival Ben informed me that I had to plan and get ready to leave town on Monday. I thought he meant for a daytrip, but he meant for 5 days! My mom came to town so we could go on a trip for our 10th anniversary! Those tricksters. 
I don't know where we're going, but I'm really thankful that my mom came to take care of the boys. I've never been away from Lucas for more than a couple nights, and I've NEVER been away from Evan. Except for that one time Lucas got his tonsils out... Anyhow, say prayers that we all do ok :). 
Love my boys. I hope they're nice to my mommy. I guess I better make sure she can make a paper airplane.

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Shan said...

What a sweetie! I can't believe how big he is.