Saturday, June 11, 2011

Kiddie Triathlon

Today was the annual Kiddie Triathlon that our friends put together. It was in our neighborhood, where the kids first ran around a retention pond, then biked around the block, then swam in the pool (and not the pond thankfully).

Lucas was pretty excited - he wanted to run fast like a cheetah and swim like a shark (thanks to his swim lessons he had in ABQ-post coming soon). As far as the biking, Lucas hasn't learned to ride a bike. He has been more interested in picking grass to put in the back of his trike, then pedaling the trike. And the bike we have is a little big, but we got it out last night to practice and he tried really hard. He put forth a good effort and was pleased with himself, but we knew today would be hard.
Lucas did a great job on the run. He ran the whole way with me and was a total trooper. His little pale face was bright pink when he hopped on his bike and headed off with Ben. He was so cute. I got ready to get in the pool with him while he rode his bike. And he took a while... finally Lucas and Ben came around the corner, I gave him some water and he ran to the pool with me. He did a great job in the water practicing his pulls and kicking to the wall and back. He was a happy boy when he finished.

He was even happier when he dug through the cool loot in his goodie bag. Thanks, Jamie and Sandra for all your hard work!

Update: Ben just told me what happened while they were on the bike ride. First of all, Ben took him on the long route, which I wasn't planning on doing. So, he started out leading the pack, then Ocean zoomed by and Lucas said, "Good job, Ocean!" Kids kept passing Lukie, and Ben was worried that Lucas was going to be upset. All the sudden, Lucas said, "I hope Jamie is taking good care of Evan." (Evan was still asleep when we left and Jamie R. was really nice and stayed home with him). How sweet that he was thinking of Evan while he was working so hard on his bike. And finally, Lucas said, "I wonder how many kids are behind me still... I might be the last one." Ben said, he might be, but Lucas was ok with that.... he must have known he would still have the chance to swim like a shark. Love that kid.
Also, they just got back from the library. Lucas came home with five educational videos. Ben suggested "Pinocchio", but Lucas said, "No, I want the one about mammals instead." He's so funny. And obsessed with animals right now, fyi.

When we got home Evan had some fun of his own in the water. He's so cute.

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Shan said...

How cool is that? YOu have some pretty awesome neighbors. I don't think I knew what a triathlon was until I was at least in grade school. And I love the picture of Evan spraying himself in the face. The joy on his face!