Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day to....
This dad:
who could obviously kick your butt in a dance off.

And to this dad:

who raised this cool dad:

I hope you all have the best Father's Day ever... which, I know, is a ridiculous thing to say, being that you are all at home, as opposed to traveling the world, doing the daily grind and working really really hard. But, hey, it's about the little things in life, right? Maybe you'll receive something hand-made by a kid today. Or maybe you'll get a yummy breakfast or dinner. Or maybe you'll have some cool battle scars from your Father's Day present... But, for sure, you will be told by your kids how appreciated and loved you are. Thanks for all you do, Dads, for the sacrifices you make for your kids, and for doing it with a smile. Even though, they're/we're complete pains in the bums. You're the best!

"We love you, Dad" - Lucas and Evan, despite what was said at bedtime last night by one tired boy who stayed up until 10:30 playing Angry Birds with his father :)

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jeana said...

I love those last two pictures. The one on the dock is especially cute! Good work!