Sunday, March 20, 2011

Weekend Fun

Last weekend we had a few grand adventures. Friday night Ben and I went on a date downtown to people watch during SXSW. We made fun of the people in line at the Apple Store waiting for their new iPads, we counted the wack jobs and then ended up eating some chocolate at the Melting Pot to escape the madness.
Saturday night we headed to the Austin Rodeo, where they have a little fair. Lucas got to go into the petting zoo, see a pig race, eat a BBQ sandwich, a funnel cake topped with strawberries and ice cream, followed by some rides. I rode the Spider with Lucas and Ben rode the Ferris Wheel with him. Lucas declared it one of "his best days ever!"

That Longhorn is lucky I don't sell this picture to the media. How embarrassing.

Sunday all three boys stayed home from church. Lucas had a bad-sounding cough, Evan was sick, and Ben offered to stay home so I could be spiritually enlightened... and maybe so he could play with Lucas.

By that night all three boys had cabin fever. We headed out to a lake for some nature exploration. There were people fishing and Lucas had a blast running around. We were lucky he never fell in the water. We took bread to feed the ducks, but there weren't any ducks. Just these other duck-like birds that were too lame to come eat bread from us.

This week was spring break here, so Lucas didn't have gymnastics (Mom's day out). Sadly, the boys were pathetic and sick most of the week, so we didn't even do anything too exciting (aside from a rooftop SXSW party at Ben's work). Next week, though, next week will be awesome for sure.

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