Sunday, March 20, 2011

Lucas Helps, Evan Eats Dirt

I really appreciate Lucas for how much he helps me sometimes. When we were driving home from the store the other day he told me he was going to put all the groceries away and I had to sit and watch him. And sure enough, I really did have to sit and watch him. He's such a stud. It's honestly annoying for me when I go to the store at night when he's asleep or when he's not around. Love that kid!

Friday night Lucas and Ben played outside, so Evan wanted to go out too. This is always a little nerve-wracking because we never know if a new ant hill is going to pop up or if he's going to receive a horrible laceration from our crappy Texas grass, or maybe if there's a rabid armadillo on the loose, or even a little coyote. But, Evan loves it. He loves to climb up the slide, slip back down on his tummy... over and over again. Or at least he did until he found the planters full of dirt. Tasty tasty dirt.

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