Sunday, February 13, 2011

Who is that awesome mom?

Side note: This was up on the computer this morning. We were in bed still and Lucas came in the office. "Mom! Mooooom?" Ben finally came in. Lucas wanted to know what I was doing taking care of that little girl. Later I asked Lucas if he saw me on the computer and he said he did - I was taking care of a little girl until her dad got home. He's so cute.


nanny said...

WOW, an accomplished actress and a graphic designer super star!

What an awesome duo.

The Wife said...

You did a great job tying her shoes - she didn't trip when she ran to her dad. :)

Shan said...

AWEsome Suzy!

Suzy said...

Can you believe I had to sit through hair an make up for that shot of my side and bum?
It took a lot of takes, but I finally got that double know down, Wife.