Tuesday, February 15, 2011

V-day Gluttony

Today was Lucas's Valentine's party at school. He was expecting the cards, but not all the glorious morsels of heart-shaped sugar. Needless to say, he was pleased. So pleased that he declared today, the day after Valentine's Day, to be "the best Valentine's Day EVER." I let him pig out a bit when he got home from school. I kind of wanted to get it out of the way today and move on. While we were at it, I let Evan have one of the leftover cupcakes I made for the party. He also was pleased and devoured every last drop of chocolaty goodness, frosting first.
After our gluttonous feast of candy, cupcakes, and chocolate, we headed to the living room to make a fort. I mostly made the fort and the boys mostly destroyed the fort, but still, for a few minutes there was a fort. And while there was a fort, I was able to vacuum the kitchen floor.
For dinner, to make up for our sugary afternoon, I made roasted balsamic brussel sprouts and roasted beets, served along side a piece of homemade toasted whole wheat bread, some chicken for the boys, and some super-awesome leftover v-day jello.
Our sugary afternoon finally caught up with us as we had two screaming boys at bedtime. It was a disaster -- the kind of disaster you see on Supernanny. But eventually, after baths and a cuddle, they both went to sleep with smiles on their little faces as they dreamed of chocolate unicorns trotting through cotton candy forests of heart-shaped trees.

On another note, my mom is awesome. She spent over $5 to send these free airplane crackers she got on her flight home from Florida. I guess she could better rationalize the expense if she threw in a birthday card for Ben and $25 worth of toothbrush heads. Thanks, Mom!

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