Friday, January 28, 2011

Mr. Adventure

Lucas had many adventures today. While Evan was asleep we built his fireman legos he got for Christmas. It was my first time and took us at least an hour. Then he kept everything together for while and then couldn't resist taking it all apart again. It's back in the ziplock now.

At 4:00 we headed to the park. Lucas and I played pirate while Evan watched, then thankfully our friends showed up. So, he got to play hide and seek with lots of kids. Eventually Lucas threw our friend's ball over the fence into the pool area, so the kids went to get it. Unfortunately, being so close to the pool was all too tempting for Mr. Adventure and he jumped in the baby pool - shoes, jeans, and shirt. In January. He had a great time splashing around for 5 minutes or so. Then we had a cold walk home (it was beautiful today - he lucked out) and headed to the warm bath.

After dinner Ben brought a huge box full of packing popcorn down. We let the kids play in it. Lucas loved it, Evan hated it. Lucas eventually dumped it all out and had to clean it up. It was a disaster!

And now it's time for bed. Let's hope everyone sleeps well. Gooood night.

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