Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Lucas's Mural

The other day I was in search of something to do with Lucas, so I decided we would make a mural. Lucas just recently started drawing people and I love it! We decided to draw our Christmas Vacation. It started with a giant Christmas tree and included everyone we saw at Christmas. I drew a few and Lucas drew the rest. Everyone is wearing a black hat for good measure.

In the front row: Ben (green), Lucas, Evan (in Lucas's arms), Christmas tree, Me, my mom, Oscar (dog), and my Dad.
Top row: Maddie, Brian, Lisa, Carrie, Rob, Hunter, Stoney, Andi, Sadie, Ellie, and Tina.
I have it hanging up in the kitchen and Lucas loves to look at it on the wall. Today he sat down and said, "Mom, I love looking up and seeing my picture!" Perhaps it will be there for a while...

Evan will be one on Friday. ONE. I can't believe it. For Lucas's first birthday I made a fancy schmancy cake. I worked on it all week. For Evan's first birthday I can't even decided on a flavor. And I'm also kind of hoping to be working a hair show on his birthday. Poor baby. We WILL have an awesome party and there will be a delicious cake, just not a fancy tiered cake with fondant icing.

Speaking of the precious man we refer to as Evan, he is doing great. He loves doors. LOVES them. He recently learned to open doors, so he spends a lot of time closing himself in the pantry, opening the door, then sitting down, closing the door again, standing up to open it, etc. He thinks it's great. Other things he thinks are great: food (he can eat more than Lucas), baths, books, cupboards, drawers, and more doors.
Here is a picture I took of Evan today and one of Lucas right before he turned one. I love them.

And a pic of Lucas from today. He's playing Indiana Jones with Ben, who got to come home from work at 3:30 to make up for working a 12 hour day yesterday... on a holiday... when he was supposed to be off. Anyhow, no one is bitter or anything. I think we'll go celebrate our togetherness right now. Happy Tuesday night.

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dani said...

Evan looks like such a sweet little boy! I looked back on that link of Lucas' first bday...it's so funny because I don't remember he or addie being that little on their 1st bday...but I guess they were :)