Saturday, February 13, 2010

Week in Review

(I know it's not a great picture, but you can see his cute face and blue eyes...)

In a comment Dani asked how I was holding up, so I'm going to tell you. We're alive. All of us, which I think is pretty dang good!

Ben's been back at work for over a week. The day he went back to work was the first day my headaches were better. (Thanks to a tip my mom got to drink 2 liters of water in one sitting, followed by caffeine). It would only hurt if I bent down to pick up a toy or something. Now they're totally gone!

Lucas has been watching entirely too many movies, but that's just how it's gonna be until we can get out more. And I don't think we'll be getting out much with RSV and seasonal flu starting. My doctor told me to be really mean and make sure I witness people wash their hands before they touch him, so doctor's orders: I have to be a meanie - sorry.

Lucas got a cold and passed it onto Evan while my mom was still here. We're still battling sickness, but now Lucas has ear infections and a sore throat, and last night Ben and I got sore throats. Evan seems uncomfortable, but I don't know if it's gas or if he's sick. He's still got boogers in his nose that I have to try to suck out every night, which isn't fun. I can't wait until we're all healthy!! The biggest challenge has been getting Lucas to take his meds. It stresses me out to no end. Yesterday after bribing, threatening, trying to force, he finally took it by himself, so I thought we were good. Last night I eventually hid it in tapioca pudding, which worked. This morning he wouldn't eat his pudding. grrrrr. I'm off to buy OJ soon.

Evan has his two week checkup this week. Here are his stats compared with Lucas's:
Evan at 4 days:
8 lb 15 oz (80%)
20 7/8" (85%)
head: 36.6 (70%)

Lucas at 3 days:
7 lb 13 oz (25%)
21 1/2" (90%)
head: 34 (25%)

Evan at 18 days:
10 lb 8 oz (90%)
22" (90%)
head: 38.3 (52%)

Lucas at 14 days:
9lb 7 oz (75%)
21 7/8" (80%)
head: 38.8 (75%)

So, Evan is quite the big boy. He looks great, though, and is very cute. He has reached the stage where he gets a bit cranky at night due to his underdeveloped nervous system, so getting him to relax between 9 and 11pm is a challenge.
Evan loves the bath tub and the shower, and he is starting to like the swing, but he much prefers being held. The only thing better than being held for him is eating, at which he is obviously a trooper.
Let's see... Ben has been working his bum off and probably got less sleep this week than I did because he's been dealing with Lucas waking up, plus staying up late to work on freelance. Hopefully he can get some good rest this weekend. I think we'll spend V-day staying home trying to recover. Maybe we'll hold hands at some point when we're not wiping boogers from our kids.

Oh, and I forgot to mention my Bad Mom move of the week. Thursday morning Lucas got up a bit before me. I assumed Ben fed him breakfast because he kind of smelled like cereal, so I never asked the poor kid if he had eaten. At 10:00 we headed to the fire station for a tour and he asked for a snack. I told him to wait, but finally buckled and stole some fruit snacks from Jeana while we were on our tour. When I talked to Ben later he said he didn't feed Lucas breakfast either... good one, Mom. Poor kid. I guess he just has sweet smelling morning breath!

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